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Comic Con 2010 Report

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On July 21 through 24, geeks from every corner of the planet turned off their game consoles and made the pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic-Con 2010. Host to more than 150,000 fans, this event is an alternate universe created to honor movies, manga, anime, video games, music and, of course, the media that started it all – comic books.

Comic-Con is definitely not the type of convention that you show up in a stuffy, grey business suit. Costumes, although not required for entrance, seem almost de rigueur as fanboys and fangirls strut their stuff up and down the exhibition halls. The more elaborate the costume the better – and you’ll see all the tried and true superhero characters as well as their appointed arch enemies. From Spiderman and Lex Luther to Batman and The Joker, it can be a surreal experience to see these characters just hanging out at Comic-Con doing regular stuff – eating in the food court, shopping for souvenirs and sitting in the audience during panel discussions.

Dressing up in what many would consider Halloween costumes is just a fun way for participants to show off a passion for all the fictional characters that have kept them entertained over the years. Actually, this type of activity is called “cosplay” (eg: costume play) and is a past-time that started in Japan as a result of anime and manga media but has now spread all over the world. Cosplay can range from characters from Japanese anime like Naruto and Sailor Moon but can also cross the galaxy to science fiction and fantasy characters including Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and more.

Some of the biggest draws of the weekend were centered around upcoming blockbuster films based on stories from the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics. For example, Green Lantern costume were out in green-spandexed force to represent the upcoming 2011 big screen adaptation starring actor Ryan Reynolds. Taking another page from pulp fiction morphing into superhero flick, Thor costumes and Captain American costumes were other big sightings at the Comic-Con venue. If you are looking for costume ideas for your next superhero event, you’ll get lots of inspiration from Comic-Con.

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