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Comics Pipeline

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Ever wanted a direct line to never before seen art and comics by your favorite creator? Kind of like a fan club of the days of old? Comics Pipeline is looking to give you that connection.

From the Press Release:

“COMICS PIPELINE is a new website that is partnering with some of the hottest talent in the comics industry to deliver exclusive, never-before-seen artwork directly from the artists’ drawing table to their fans.

Comics Pipeline is now offering a taste of some of the exclusive artwork by Ben Templesmith (Choker, 30 Days of Night), Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps), Talent Caldwell (Batgirl), and Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen), just four of the many creators that will be launching with Comics Pipeline in November!”

I dug around a bit on their website and the concept is pretty neat. You get complete access to your favorite creator and will?receive?one of a kind work that can only be seen on Comics Pipeline. The names they have attached are no slouches either, making this an interesting endeavor.

A couple worries I have is that it costs five dollars per month,?per creator. Now, if an artist is putting up a decent amount of material a month, this might not be a big deal. I know I’d want at least a comic books worth of material every month, which might be more than some of the creators have time to put out. It sure does have the potential for being something very special for the fans of these creators. What about you? Would you pay five bucks for access to your favorite creator, seeing material that you could only see on this website?

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