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Comic Related Products With No Related Comic

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It has been interesting to see how the comic book genre, or superhero genre (whichever term you prefer), is evolving. At one time, comic related items were usually one of two things. Either they were a product based on a current comic book, or they were a comic book that tied into a project such as a movie, television series, or another established product.

Now, we are seeing more and more items that are not based on any one character, but more on the genre itself. I recently watched the Comic Jumper E3 trailer video on Xbox Live and saw how their character Captain Smiley travels through many different ages and genres of comics to help “boost” the fictional comics sales. You will be able to play this action game through genres like the modern age, manga, fantasy, and the silver age of comics.

I find it interesting how the comic book is becoming much more of a genre or style and not necessarily a page turning item. Is this a good thing? Is the comic book genre in danger of imploding from the glut of products coming out that tap into the theme of comics, but don’t have a comic tied to it? What do you think will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and sends comics from the mainstream back to the dark corner from whence it came?

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